January 2016

January came and went in a blur!

We somehow managed simultaneously to do a tremendous amount of work and end the month with a longer to-do list than we started with. Since you are reading this you already know that we got a huge jumpstart on our marketing efforts. Thanks to our amazing friends at Medium Studio and Scrimshaw Screenprinting and some pretty incredible strangers (Moo.com and OvernightPrints.com I am looking at you!) we managed to make a showing at the snowy 'Meet Your Local Farmers' event at the Westport Grange. 

Behind the scenes we have been busy ordering seeds, writing our organic certification application, cleaning out the greenhouses, chicken coop and workshop and preparing for the chicks to arrive. Despite the snow on the ground and in the forecast we are getting ready to start seeding in a few short weeks! Can't wait to spend more time in the cozy propagation house!

It can not be overstated how grateful and humbled we are for all of the love and support or family, friends and farming community have shown us. Dave of Plato's Harvest who told us we were completely nuts to consider farming and that we should absolutely start immediately! ; John, Keri and Zane of Medium Studio have translated our endless rambles into stunning visual content; Vin who is our Maestro for all things construction; Susan, Tony and Amelia of Apponagansett Farm and Hannah, Ben and Matilda of Skinny Dip Farm have given invaluable encouragement and feedback on everything from soil tests to seed orders; Sam, Julie, Tucker, Isaiah, Nancy and Alan Manley have unloaded, loaded and unloaded a [literal] ton of soil with us; Elizabeth, Vince and Emmet of Copicut Farm for talking chicken with us for hours!; Shane at Scrimshaw Screenprinting who not only made our kick-ass t-shirts but delivered them to our house at 11pm the night before an event!; Laura, Andrew and Annie at Sweet and Salty Farm who loaned us there chick gear; Seth and Dorothy at Cuttyhunk Shellfish Farm along with the Lombard Family, owners of the Cuttyhunk Island Market, who and have been vital in connecting us to the Cuttyhunk folks we hope to feed this summer; Jono and Sue at the Cuttyhunk Island Ferry have shared their experience and offered their support for our Saturday island deliveries; Jessica, Phil and Delia of Quintessential Gardens for keeping us and the farm plowed and loaning us their truck; Cousin Jacob for getting the chicken coop cleanup underway; Derek, Jen, Christian, Corey, Charlie, Nick, Tiffany, Jeremy, Joanne, Alex, The Dartmouth Grange, The Dartmouth Junior Grange, Patty, Dave and James for helping us spread the word and reminding us that we can do it!

There is SO much happening in the coming weeks! We will do our best to keep a monthly update here on the Blog. Follow us on Facebook for all the latest happenings.

Thank you all for your support!

Sarah, Kate and Massimo

Farmers | Co-Founders


Cluck & Trowel Farm

875A Horseneck Rd

Westport, MA 02790






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