Cluck & Trowel's happy hens are raised on certified organic pasture and 100% soy free, organic feed. Our flock arrived in early February as day-old chicks. We believe in raising our birds from chicks to ensure that our hens receive humane care and 100% soy free, organic diet from day one. 


Why soy-free and organic?

By feeding our hens a soy-free and organic diet we ensure that the eggs they produce do not contain harmful pesticides and are less likely to contain allergens. 

The packing shed, Westport, MA


Mainland Organic/Soy-Free Egg Shares

Pick up on Farm in Westport

Weekly | June – November* (20 weeks)

Half Share: 1/2 dozen eggs per week     $ 100

Full Share: 1 dozen eggs per week         $ 170

Double Share: 2 dozen eggs per week  $ 320




What is a SHARE? 

Purchasing an Egg 'Share' in our farm is your commitment to buy a pre-established quantity of eggs each week, for a set number of weeks, at a set price. By making this commitment and paying before our season begins you allow us to better manage the largest capital expenses on the farm which come when there is little to no product available to sell. From January through June we invest in heritage breed chicks for our flock, heating and lighting, organic feed and bedding as well as necessary infrastructure improvements, packaging and marketing materials. All before a single egg is produced!   Making the investment in a Cluck & Trowel CSA Share ensures that we are able to bring you the healthiest, hi-quality, freshest product possible.




Island Organic/Soy-Free Egg Shares  

Pick up on Cuttyhunk Island

Weekly | late June – late August* (10 weeks)

Half Share: 1/2 dozen eggs per week    $ 55

Full Share: 1 dozen eggs per week         $ 85

Double Share: 2 dozen eggs per week  $ 170